How To Avoid Shower Head Clogging?


Shower head clogging is a significant problem in showers. This clogging can decrease the water pressure and damage the shower head quality over time. You might be heard and read a lot about how to clean the shower head clogging.

According to articles and videos, it seems pretty easy to unclog the shower heads, but it’s not. The shower head unclogging demands a lot of time and energy but worry not because we have different tips to avoid shower head clogging.

This article enlists a few simple ways to prevent or avoid shower head clogging. If you are tired of your shower head cleaning, read the article below!

1. Choose the Right Shower Head Material

One of the major causes of shower head clogging is rusting. Rusting is the metal oxidation in the presence of water and oxygen that results in metal damage or degradation, which ultimately causes shower head blockage.

The shower heads are made from different materials like brass, stainless, steel, ABS plastic, Copper, etc. Among these materials, some are more sensitive to rust than others. If you are purchasing a metal shower head, pick an option that has better resistance to oxidation reactions.

Stainless steel is less likely to develop rust, and ABS plastic is completely resistant to this process. So, ensure proper research about this point to avoid the long-term hassle.

2. Don’t Ignore the Shower Head Finishing

Other than material, shower head finishing plays an important role in protecting these heads from environmental damage and rust. The common shower head finish includes brass, stainless steel, copper, zinc, etc.

3. Clean the Shower Head Filters at Regular Intervals

In many places, the dirty water supplies can cause the shower head to clog very often. The dirty water rich in minerals and other substances starts deposing in water pipes and promotes the growth of unwanted substances in pipes.

The shower head filters block all these water bodies. By this time, these materials start damaging the filters, clogging the shower heads, and even causing corrosion. To deal with these problems, clean the filters every two weeks.

4. Consider the Self-Cleaning Shower Head Filters

To make cleaning easier, many brands have introduced self-cleaning shower head filters in the market. These filters have no complex mechanism or installation. Most of these filters use a spinning mechanism to remove the deposit materials regularly.

These filters are available in different sizes, a number of uses, mesh sizes, and others. When choosing the filters, make sure to check the cleanliness level of your water. So, you can pick the right mesh size in filters.

5. Know When to Replace Cartridge

A regulator is an element in shower heads that regulate their water pressure. These regulators usually minimize the water pressure. These regulators are not an essential part of shower heads. So, if you feel that the shower head’s water pressure is decreasing, you can remove these regulators to improve the pressure.

The cartridge is a shower faucet valve that controls water temperature and flow. If your shower filters are not self-cleaning, make sure to replace these cartridges regularly to maintain the water flow in the filters.

The Bottom Line

In this guide, we have explained a few very simple methods to avoid shower head clogging. If you want to purchase high-quality shower heads, visit declinko. This brand offers a massive range of rain, wall-mounted, handheld, and twin shower system.


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