Tips for Choosing a Shirt


Are you having difficulties choosing the best shirt? Unfortunately, not all shirts are equal. Perhaps, choosing the best fit for a function isn’t rocket science, but still, folks make mistakes. Gone are those days when fashion, especially for men was only limited to a few choices. The good news is that there’s a plethora of options nowadays; that means you can buy whatever you want as long as the bape shirt looks good on you and flatters the body.

However, there’s a tricky part – choosing the perfect shirt. The fact that there’re several shirt types in the market makes selection an overwhelming task. So how would you the right shirt?

Gentlemen and ladies, here are some of the tips that will guide you to choose the right shirt for you;

What’s Your Body Type?

The most important aspect that you’ll have to consider when choosing a shirt is your body type. Your body type will determine the right shirt that will look good on you. People with short and large bodies will be good in thin shirts as they create a length illusion that will make you look taller. Long bodies are well fitted with baggy clothes as they make the body look longer.

Therefore, you should ensure that you choose a shirt that fits your body size and should be at least directly proportional.

Consider Fabric

Always remember that your shirt’s fabric determines how well it fits; various fabrics have different textures as well as a thickness that affect how they fit around your body. Ensure that you go for thinner fabrics as they’ll make sure that you don’t look chubby.

Similarly, you should consider the material of the shirt; for a durable and comfortable shirt, it’s a good idea to favor natural materials. For instance, linen, silk, or cotton will always be good allies.

The Collar

The type of collar you go for will depend on different things. For instance, it will depend on whether you want to wear your shirt with or without a tie. Also, the face shape can call for a given shirt collar; round-shaped faces require narrower spreads that will only add to the charm of the roundness.

The Button Type

Shirt buttons come in various styles and types and they can affect the look of a shirt. For instance, loose buttons create a casual look while buttoned-up shirts offer a formal as well as style appearance.

Moreover, buttons are of different shapes, such as flat, round, or pointed edges. Ensure you know the type of event you intend to go – pointed edge buttons are excellent for formal events and round buttons are great for formal creating a casual look.

Cuff Type

Cuff with buttons or French cuffs? The cuff of a shirt can determine how formal it’s – the barrel has a classic button and is less formal. On the other hand, French cuffs need cufflinks that are well suited to a formal suit. Therefore, you should be aware of the occasion you intend to go to as well as your preference.


Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter whether you’re short, tall, thin, or heavy; the right shirt will always look good on everyone. It just requires that you understand what suits you the most.


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