Describe Kangen Water As Well As Elucidate Its Attributes


The Japanese word for “return” or “origins” is kangen. Kangen Water® is the brand name for the alkaline wastewater generated by Enagic’s water ionizers and purifiers. The kangen water machine price has been utilized for over 40 years in Japan to assist in bringing about a return to the body’s natural alkaline condition. Utilizing one of these devices, you may change the water from your tap into delicious, hydrating alkaline water. Compared to regular bottled or filtered water, Kangen Water® is much better.

Benefits Of Kangen Water

High in Hydrogen

A large number of hydrogen molecules may be found, and indeed have been found, in water that contains a high proportion of hydrocarbons. It’s also possible that hydrogen molecules, which are found in water, may be in great quantities (H2). Because atoms or molecules are so small and readily transported across the cytoplasmic membrane, they may serve as powerful antioxidants. Since they can move so quickly across the epithelium, this is the case.

This is because hydrogen molecules may be able to navigate. As a result, the quantity of potentially damaging free radicals that the body produces is lowered, reducing the likelihood of mitochondrial malfunction. That’s achieved by reducing the likelihood that the body may be hurt. Using an electrolysis technique, regular tap water may be converted into hydrogen-rich Kangen Water. There are several approaches to this. The hydrogen in water may be removed to achieve this effect.


Antioxidants can halt the oxidation processes that would otherwise produce free radicals that might damage the body. Oxidative stress is caused by two main factors: an overabundance of oxidants as well as a deficiency of antioxidant properties. It is necessary to supplement one’s diet with antioxidants from external sources to reduce the negative effects of oxidative stress and the damage that stress may cause. Since this is the case, everyone needs to think about how they may improve the amount and availability of water resources they drink. Both are important for continuing and bettering our state of health.


Optimal health is only one of several domains in which finding a middle ground may be helpful. We need to keep our internal pH at around 7.365, which is neutral between being too acidic and too alkaline. Using a pH scale, one may ascertain whether or not a material is more acidic or basic. At the 7.0 mark, neutrality is assumed. The pH scale defines alkaline as anything with a value more than seven and acidic as anything with less than 7.

Negative ORP

Hydrogen-rich groundwater has been distinguished by having a negative ORP. A high oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) value (in the positive digits) implies that a chemical is more capable of oxidation. Generally, a higher ORP is preferable for human skin (cleaning and sanitizing). Generally speaking, substances with a significant ORP value (particularly negative values) are more desirable for oral intake due to their significant anti oxidizing potential. Like pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) levels are critical water quality indicators.


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